There’s a new mantra within the US business and consumer communities and its voice is resonating more strongly today than ever before – the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) sector is as good for a company’s bottom line as it is for society.

The LOHAS sector is devoted to consumer goods and services dedicated to health and wellness, the environment and sustainable living. From its humble beginnings more than 30 years ago, this vibrant and virtually untapped sector is thriving as the benefits of healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness grow as top-of-mind priorities among audiences ranging from C-suite executives and consumers to the global investment community.

Our latest Market Insights report, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Goes Mainstream, explains the forces behind the rise of the LOHAS sector, buy-in and advocacy across demographics, and benefits the sector delivers to companies, investors and other stakeholders.

Key conclusions include:

  • The LOHAS sector is growing swiftly and currently represents an estimated US market size of approximately $290 billion.
  • Companies experience stronger brand value, customer loyalty and competitive position by offering products that are healthier for consumers.
  • Companies that allocate resources to the LOHAS sector have shown higher ROI due to improved price points, decreased costs, higher unit volume sales and greater product diversification.
  • The M&A and financing markets are capitalizing on the growth and reputation-building opportunities presented by companies offering LOHAS products and services.